Hola Madrid – The Best Shopping Places in Madrid

April 15, 2016


Hi you guys, I’m back from Madrid – since a bit more than a week now – and have brought you some great shopping tips for the Spanish capital. First of all I need to say Madrid is THE city for shopping – I’m mean really. I have been to quite a lot of big cities, but Madrid has overwhelmed me with its amazing shopping districts (and I have only seen half of them yet) and stores; I can’t remember another city that has so many different stores, brands and shopping areas – with affordable prices. It’s crazy. And I assure you there is something or a district for everyone: those that like it rather commercial, those that like it chic and fancy, those that like it vintage, those that like it individual, those that like it colorful, those that like it a bit different and those that like it all.

Of course I didn’t just go shopping, but I did some sightseeing, walked around random neighborhoods and ate – a lot, like always. I must say it was great to be away from Germany for a few days and just enjoy some fresh foreign air, see different people and hear a different language. Now I’m back at work with new energy and already look forward to my other trips this year. Have you been away during the Easter Holidays?

However, here is my a list with my top small boutiques for Madrid and some travel tips for the city. Of course I have also lots of photos to share – so hopefully you will enjoy.

  1. Casa Herranz – this place is a must for all of you Espadrilles lovers – A MUST! If you want some authentic, handmade original Espadrilles this is the place to go and the best it is soon affordable (I bought 4 pair for a price of one and a half). Go early, the place gets super crowded $IMG_2856
  2. Rughara – Concept Store – cool individual clothes for females and males, lots of regional accessories + jewelry designs (I bought the black walltet on the photo) and unique furniture items $$IMG_5100IMG_5101
  3. Kinda Kinks – cool vintage store that seems to have specialized on Levis Jeans – great prices and friendly staff, plus – something that I appreciate much, everything is arranged very neatly $IMG_5105IMG_5104
  4. Mulaya – a commercial store that sells a large range of up-to-date fashion at very low prices – lots of styles to choose from $ (not a small boutique though)

Travel options to Madrid: you can either books a flight and a hotel (such as Hesperia Hotel Madrid) separately or you can book a package that contains a flight and a hotel (often including free breakfast and transfer) via a travel agency such as DerTour. Those of you looking for a more luxurious + individual (hence pricier option) can take a look at hotels at iescape.

Neighborhoods to visit: Malasana, Chueca, La Latina

Restaurants: Reginella (even though it is Italian), The Little Big Cafe (for cake and breakfast during colder days, since they don’t have outside seating), San Miguel Market (for lunch or snack in between)

Outfit detail:

Trench coat – Gestuz (sold out)

Jeans – Mango

Top – Mulaya (n.a. online)

Sneaker – Le Coque Sportif 

Bag – Mansur Gavriel




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